Piezo Ceramic Ring

High Capacitance, High Qm value.

Military grade, High reliable.

Ultrasonic Transducer

Fully compatible with other welder

Excellent conversion efficiency

Impedance Analyzer

Test Frequency 1 kHz ~ 5 MHz

Lower to 2300USD/Set

Ultrasonic Generator

designed for Industrial purpose

24×7 heavy duty working

Ultrasonic Generator

4.7″ Touch Screen

Programable; 3 working mode

Ultrasonic Cutter

360° Rotation Orientation

Rubber; plastic; honeycombs

Industrial Type Homogenizer

for large volume industrial purpose.

20×7 heavy duty continuous working.

Integrated Type Homogenizer

All in one design

for lab’s sample preparation

Split Type Homogenizer

for medium volume purpose

2 litre ~ 5 litre liquid

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