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Our Sino Sonics ultrasonic generators in the power range from 1200 to 2000 W are designed for the more stringent requirements of high-performance ultrasonic applications.
The generators transform energy from the electrical supply network into a high-frequency sinusoidal oscillation of 35 kHz ~ 15 kHz. Optimum regulating processes generate optimum ultrasonic oscillations.
The design of our generator and our different versions of generator housings enables us to incorporate our generators in practically any machine design.


Generation of ultrasonic frequency for various technologies such as:

  • Welding (thermoplastics, strands, contacts, metals)
  • Punching (thermoplastics, textiles)
  • Cutting (textiles, foods, foils, rubber)
  • Drilling (jewels, drawing dies)
  • Eroding (gems, cameos (glass, stones, jewels))
  • Cleaning, emulsifying, dispersing (in liquids)

All design are customizable.

CE Certificed, Series: SS-GEN-IND
Cooling fan integrated.
Designed for heavy duty working, 24×7, high stable & highly reliable.
Frequency : 15kHz / 20kHz / 35kHz
Power: 2000Watt (10% ~ 100% stepless control)
Steel Case & Enclosure /Front sticker are Customizable

Please tell our sales your requirement, they will provide the suitable solution for you.

Type 15K, 2600W Generator (Digital) 20K, 2000W Generator (Digital) 35K, 1200W Generator (Digital)
Size: 300x450x170mm 250x360x120mm 250x360x120mm
Net Weight: 7.0 Kgs 4.5 Kgs 4.0 Kgs
Working Frequency: 15kHz (+/- 1.0 kHz) 20kHz (+/- 1.0 kHz) 35kHz (+/- 1.0 kHz)
Power in: 220V/ AC+/-10%, 50Hz-60Hz 220V/ AC+/-10%, 50Hz-60Hz 220V/ AC+/-10%, 50Hz-60Hz
Power out: 100-2600Watt 100-2000Watt 100-1200Watt
Power out Voltage: 0-2500V (load)
0-1200V (no-load)
0-2500V (load)
0-1200V (no-load)
0-2500V (load)
0-1200V (no-load)
Working Temperature: -5 to +50℃ -5 to +50℃ -5 to +50℃
Overcurrent protection Temp: +85℃ +85℃ +85℃
Overcurrent protection current: 15A 12A 3A

* Welding Mode: intermittent or continuous cutting/welding optional.
* Frequency adjustment period: Auto, smooth starting time:100ms
* Digital tracing frequency:Realtime & automatically

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