Rotary Ultrasonic Cutter

This is a large amplitude type where the blade vibration amplitude is made larger than conventional models. With a 42 mm diameter cylindrical shape, the model is easy to be mounted on automated machinery, industrial robots and plotters. It is best suited for cutting and punching processing of 3D parts by mounting on industrial robots, in addition to processing of sheets and punching.
Items Details
Power in 100 ~ 240v 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power output 1200  Watt maximum ( 600 watt standard)
Power adjustment 1% -100% | 1% progressive
Frequency 30 khz /real-time display
Operating Mode Programable, Pulse | Time | Continuous
User Program 10 groups (Settable Storable Real-time View of Work Status)
Special Feature 4.7″ Touch screen
Low heat generation, Suitable for long-term continuous work.
Blade sharper, Cutting speed faster.
360° Rotation Orientation
Cutting Blade High speed steel (Hard steel), Replaceable blade.
Blade size, please contact our sales.
Packing: 1 Set ultrasonic generator 25k, 1200 watt.
1 Pc ultrasonic cutter with mounted blade.
1 Pc power in plug & wire
3 Pcs fuse wire.
1 Pc connect cable for cutter ( 3 meter)

360° Rotation Orientation

Ultrasonic cutting for Plastic materials

Photo Gallery for the Rotary Ultrasonic Cutter

Working Principle

  • The ultrasonic energy is concentratedly input to the cutting portion of the material to be cut by the cutter.
  • Under the action of huge ultrasonic energy, this part softens and melts instantly, and the strength is greatly reduced.
  • The material to be cut does not stick to the blade and does not collapse or break.
  • It has obvious effect on cutting frozen, viscous and elastic materials.
  • Please contact our sales for more information