Impedance Analyzer PV520A-T (1KHz~3MHz)


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  • Test Range: 1KHz~3MHz
  • Portable handheld
  • high sensitivity & High accuracy
  • 7.8 inch touch screen display
  • no skill needed, no training needed, extremely easy to use.
  • Super-fast test speed, test 200 points per second
  • Standard four-terminal test.
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Impedance Analyzer (Advanced Type) PV520S-T

  • Portable handheld, size only 24cm*19cm* (front 5cm and back 10cm), and the weight is only 1.95 Kg.

  • The large 7.8 inch touch screen displays all parameters, admittance circular chart and logarithmic chart at once, which is more intuitive.

  • Full-screen touch, no physical buttons, intuitive and user-friendly operation, no skill needed, no training needed, extremely easy to use.

  • Super-fast test speed, test 200 points per second; Standard four-terminal test.

  • Can analyze all electronic components such as impedance/resistance, capacitance and inductance.

  • American Branson, Dukan; German Herrmann, SCHUNK and other global first-line ultrasonic brand companies are our customers.

  • 20 years of experience in ultrasonic testing, Hundreds of top domestic engineering universities and research institutes are our customers.

  • The piezoelectric ceramic jig/clamp can be selected to test various piezoelectric ceramic chips.

Here below shows the details and differences.

Portable Mainframe, Click for detail

Packing Details, click to enlarge

Preformation Type: PV520A-T
Feature Portable, 7.8″ touch screen
Size: length: 24cm, Width: 19cm
front height: 5cm, back height: 10cm
Frequency range 1KHz~3 MHz
Measuring target 1) Resonance frequency Fs
2) Maximum conductance Gmax
3) Half power points F1 and F2
4) Anti-resonance frequency Fp
5) Mechanical quality factor Qm
6) Free capacitance CT
7) Dynamic resistance R1
8) Dynamic inductance L1
9) Dynamic capacitance C1
10) Static capacitance C0
11) Effective electromechanical coupling coefficient Keff
12) Plane electromechanical coupling coefficient Kp
13) Free dielectric constant
Total 21 type of test result parameter & Graph.
Basic accuracy +/-0.1%
Frequency accuracy ±10ppm
Phase resolution 0.15°
Test environment temperature 10~40℃
Test speed 5 sec/one (1000point sweeping)
Impedance Range 1Ω~1MΩ
Frequency Step 0.1Hz~Any
Power supply AC100V~AC250V,50~60Hz, 30W

Packing Details Photos and Operation Interface.

7″ Touch Screen

Packing Details & Accessaries

Test Fixture for Piezo Element

Test Clamp for Transducer

Test Fixture for Piezo Element

Test Clamp for Transducer

Video Introduction and How to use Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer PV520A General Introduction
Impedance Analyzer to test Piezoceramic Chips
Impedance Analyzer to test Transducer /Converter
  • contact our sales expert for more information, such as Details Spec. User’s Guide book, tech support, and etc.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 34 × 27 cm
Packing Style

Inside Foam + Carton (Fedex /DHL Delivery)

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Bank Transfer T/T for Order $500 & more, T/T or Paypal or West Union for Order less than $500

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