Sending of sample material

Please apply for test cuts by email, phone, or fax first, then we will contact you about sending some samples. This test cutting is free of charge.

Test cutting at our company

We conduct test cuts at our company. And then we will send the video of the test cuts along with samples of the materials back to you. Please note that test cuts will take about 10 days.


Please check the cutting results on the basis of the sample and consider the cutting ability.


We make an arrangement for a meeting before formal introduction, as we have an integrated system which are development, planning and manufacture, so we can propose plans according to your needs.
Conclusion & Consultation
Apply for test cut please contact us below.
TEL +86-170-05248000
Period of acceptance : weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Request form for test cutting (free of charge)
The sharpness of an ultrasonic cutter depends on the synergic effect of the oscillator, transducer, and blade tip. Before purchasing, we will perform a test cutting using a machine that has been selected and adjusted according to your processing content so that you can check the performance and section for yourself.