SINO SONICS is established by a team of experts and elites who have been working in the ultrasonic application field for 11 years. Mr. LAN Changwen, our chief engineer, has over 20 years’ experience and knowledge accumulation in the ultrasonic field. Before we start ultrasonic business, we are determined to make a reliable, high performance ultrasonic processor as a new benchmark in the industry.

During the 11 year developing & delicate to the ultrasonic industry, our Sino Sonics products are used to weld plastic components and to cut food products as well as synthetic textiles. Apart from microprocessor-controlled generators, and both machine and hand-welding equipment, the company also supplies components to be integrated with special purpose machines. With a wide range of frequencies and power outputs from 100 to 2000 Watts.

And more over, we design, develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced ultrasonic liquid processors. Our experience, combined with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability, has made the homogenizer & sonicator the best-selling ultrasonic processor in the China.

With such a belief, we deeply investigated the existing technology and market, domestic and foreign products, as well as customer feedback, and we integrated our findings into our R& D and manufacturing. From the technical theory and practical application, we have a more front-end understanding of ultrasonic equipment. We are fastidious in manufacturing ultrasonic equipment, uncompromising in quality and perfecting the details.

Here the gallery shows our working environment