Ultrasonic Homogenizer /Sonicator

Ultrasonic Homogenizer /Sonicator

Sino Sonics specializes in ultrasonic technology and ultrasonic homogenizers, which are used for homogenizing, deagglomerating, emulsifying, suspending, accelerating chemical reactions and the disruption of cells, bacteria, fungi or spores.
In ultrasonic homogenisation, several components (liquid-liquid, liquid-solid) are finely mixed together. This method has established itself in the laboratory for decades in addition to the well-known and proven ultrasonic bath.

Examples of use:
– Disruption of cells, bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi or tissues (cell disruption)
– Extraction of ingredients (lysis)
– Homogenization of different substances
– Production of finest emulsions with minimum droplet size
– Dissolution of poorly and poorly soluble substances in liquids
– Production of dispersions (emulsions and suspensions)
– Catalysis and acceleration of chemical reactions

Our wide variety of devices and accessories allows us to put together the optimal equipment for the respective application:
– Selection of the SINO SONICS series (Industrial Type, Laboratory Type, Integrated Type, or Most advanced type)
– Probe type
– Direct or indirect sonication
– Flow-through sonication
– Cooling during the processing

Even after the purchase of one device for initial applications, there are many possibilities to adapt the device for further applications through the purchase of various accessories.

Our brands (Sino Sonics®) are equated in circles of experts with ultrasound. Already 8 patents and utility models are proof of our outstanding innovative strength.

The continuous development of our products and applications not only made us a market leader, but had us set the norms and standards for ultrasonic applications in different committees.
The large vertical range of manufacture and the multiple certification ensures the highest reliability and durability of our products.
Advantages of Sino Sonics® ultrasonic devices:
• Easy and flexible handling
• Time saving
• Powerful
• Precisely controllable
• Reproducible results
• Eco-friendly and energy efficient
• Extremely durable and long lasting
• Wide product range
• Wide range of accessories for a variety of applications
• Production, service and repair in germany
• Specialist for ultrasonic technology

Essential aspects for choosing the appropirate Sino Sonics® ultrasonic homogeniser

What is the difference between ultrasonic homogenisers and ultrasonic baths?
The power [W] of ultrasonic baths is fixed. The power density [W/l] is relatively low.
Ultrasonic homogenisers have an adjustable power [W] and produce very high power densities [W/l]. Probes with a defined radiating surface guarantee reproducible results.

What is more important when choosing the appropriate device – power rating or amplitude?
Power output [W] is not the sole criterion for selecting the ultrasonic homogeniser. This value only indicates the power of the ultrasonic generator but not the energy delivered into the sample. The amplitude at the radiating surface of the probe is the determining factor while considering the sample volume. Sino Sonics® homogenisers provide higher amplitudes than comparable devices in the market due to an optimal matching of all components.

Which information are necessary for an offer?

Application field
e. g.: homogenising, dispersing, extraction, cell disruption
Target of sonication
e. g.: isolation of cell content

batch operation of flow-through operation (quantity per
time unit)

in [mPas]

Solids content
suspensions in [%]

Temperature range
e. g.: temperature sensitive, cooling necessary

e. g.: alcoholic or acidic


For further information about the ultrasonic homogenizers for sample preparation / have any question / interested in our products?

You are welcome to call us: Phone: +86-170-0524-8000,
write us an e-mail: sales@sino-sonics.com

Applications for Sonicator

We design, develop and manufacture the world’s most advanced ultrasonic liquid processors. Our experience, combined with exceptional performance and outstanding reliability, has made the Sonicator the best-selling ultrasonic processor in China &worldwide.

Industrial Ultrasonic Homogenizer Key Features
  • Up to 50 liters on a batch basis

  • 20kHz 2000Watt ( can be tune to 25k, 28k, 30k, 35k, 38k, 40k)

  • Designed for 24×7 heavy duty working

  • High powerfull & High Reliable

  • Full function process timer

  • CE Certified

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Laboratory Ultrasonic Homogenizer Key Features
  • Frequency : 25kHz Standard, can be tune to 25k, 28k, 30k, 35k, 38k, 40k (optional)

  • Power: Maximum 1200 Watt Ultrasonic Processors

  • Touch Screen, Programmable Ultrasonic Generator

  • Can work with upto 5 Litre different container

  • Multifunction, External probe.

  • CE Certified

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All in one Ultrasonic Homogenizer Key Features
  • Touch Screen, Programmable Ultrasonic Generator

  • All in one design, Temperature sensor, isolate working noises, design for small container maximum 3.5 Litre.

  • The Integrated Ultrasonic Homogenizer/Sonicator system comes with high intensity (100µm amplitude) probes that are used to form water-soluble nanoemulsions in R&D/Lab Scale volumes from 100mL – 3.5L.

  • Frequency : 25kHz – 40kHz  (optional)

  • Power: 800Watt Maximum

  • Steel Case / Enclosure /Front & Back Sticker are all Customizable

  • OEM work welcome ( 100 pcs MOQ)

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Indirect Contact Ultrasonic Homogenizer Key Features
  • Frequency : 25kHz – 40kHz  (optional)

  • Power: 100Watt to 600Watt

  • Designed for laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • no contact with the test sample, no chemical reaction, and no pollution to the experimental project.

  • Steel Case / Enclosure /Front & Back Sticker are all Customizable

  • OEM work welcome ( 100 pcs MOQ)

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