Product Warranty

Please keep the provisions of the Product Warranty in mind when using this product.

  1. The warranty period for the Oscillator and Transducer will be for one year from the date

In the case of any malfunction and/or breakage/damage that occurs under normal conditions (pursuant to our Instruction Manual) within the warranty period, exchange and/or repair will be performed by our company free of charge.

  1. Even within the warranty period, the following conditions are NOT covered under the terms of the warranty:
    1. Incorrect use, which includes any use differing from the described intended purposes, or, damages suffered from any other
    2. Malfunction and/or breakage/damage resulting from any external factors after delivery of product. (Such as falling/being dropped, impact shock, overload, contact with liquids or foreign substances, etc.)
    3. Malfunction and/or breakage/damage by fire, earthquake, wind and/or water damage, and any other extraordinary natural phenomena, as well as environmental pollution, salt pollution, abnormal voltage, etc.
    4. Malfunction and/or breakage/damage caused by:

Operating the equipment under conditions which do not accord with this Instruction Manual. Operating the equipment using methods which do not accord with this Instruction Manual.

  1. Any repair not undertaken by us, such as disassembly, conversion, or tampering/tinkering (which includes any damage to the warranty sticker and/or the bolts by which the warranty sticker is attached to the Oscillator and Transducer respectively).
  2. Malfunction and/or breakage/damage deemed to be caused by insufficient packaging for return shipment to
  3. Items for which the amount of wear is entirely dependent on the degree of usage, such as Limited-Life Components (Blades, Horn, Probe, Sonotrode), tool Holders, square-head screws (Blade lock screws), fuses, and other similar items.
  4. Anything which upon close inspection we evaluate as equivalent to any of the above (A~G).
  1. In addition to the Limited-Life Components already described, such as the Horn, Sonotrode, Blade, tool Holder, square head screw (Blade lock screw), the fuse, etcetera, the following Limited-Life Components are also included.

The length of time for which Limited-Life Components are viable varies depending on various aspects of the operating environment, such as frequency of use, but there are general expectations for the life-span of some components. In order to maintain this product in a stable condition for longer, we recommend a regular inspection once every 2 years on average.

  1. [Time-frame for replacement of main components]

for the Oscillator

Cooling Fan 11 Years
Switches 100,000 – 500,000 times
Electrolytic capacitor 7 Years
Liquid crystal display 6 Years

for the Transducer

Oscillating components of Corn, Horn, etcetera. 6 Years
Collar, O-ring flange, anti-vibration components, etc. 2 Years
Rotary joint 2 Years
Transducer Connection Cord 2 Years
Connecting screw 2 Years
Transducer Manual Switch 100,000 – 500,000 times

※This is a guideline and not a guarantee that each component will last for the stated period.

  1. Repairs can only be made at the SINO SONICS factory and the products have to be sent to us regardless of the time in or out of the warranty period. We do not provide any on-site
  1. Please understand that usually 2 weeks to 1 month of repair time are required after receipt of your However, it is possible that the period required may be longer if the repair in question is especially difficult, and in such cases the time-frame will be a matter for consultation. Please make sure that a spare unit is available for use if you cannot afford to halt work tor the whole repair time.
  1. The shipping and its related costs to and from SINO SONICS for out-of-warranty repair are to be borne by the
  1. In order to improve the productivity and efficiency of our machines, SINO SONICS may implement improvements and changes to our products without being able to immediately notify all of our For the repair of products that have been sold previously, SINO SONICS will attempt to ensure that the component parts are repaired, but if there is a case in which this is difficult, there is a possibility that SINO SONICS shall suggest alternative parts and other viable solutions.
  1. In the case of custom specifications (such as for the Oscillator, Transducer, Blade, Sonotrode, Horn, Probe, etc.) for this product, only short-term testing will have been performed in most cases, and therefore it cannot be assumed that the wear and maintenance that apply to long-term operation are known, and therefore the customer is advised to carefully monitor such

Also, in the case of custom specifications, there may be certain issues that shall not be covered by the warranty.

  1. According to the operating environment, such as the frequency of use by the customer, wear and breakdown/malfunction may be caused by factors that could not be foreseen based on the technical standards applied to the production of these machines, and therefore certain failures may occur that are not described in the instruction manual, and the maintenance and replacement of such components are a matter for
  1. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with general industrial

If you wish to use this product in conjunction with equipment for which the quality and reliability requirements are extraordinarily high, and where injuries or fatalities, as well as environmental damage or serious property damage due to a malfunction or failure may occur (such as with nuclear power control equipment, aerospace equipment, transportation equipment, traffic signal equipment combustion control, life support equipment, medical equipment, various safety devices, etc.), please contact us in advance. Extensive consultation and comprehensive validation of the compatibility for use are necessary, and it shall be made under the responsibility of the customer, including any potential risks.

  1. In the event that a customer has received a claim for damages from a third party by reason of claims of patent infringement or violation of intellectual property rights that with regard to production facilities and manufacturing methods that make use of this product, SINO SONICS shall not stand as a party to any proceedings.
  1. Regardless of the warranty period or the cause of the type of request made, any use or mis-use of our products other than by the customer, whether this results in lost opportunities, loss of profits, or secondary damage, the responsibility for any resultant repairs or replacement lies with the customer and therefore lies outside of the terms of the
  1. In order to prevent circumstances that lead to a serious accident or the catastrophic failure of this product, please configure your set-up with backup and fail-safe functions integrated into the

In the case that there are questions regarding the interpretation of the provisions of the Product Warranty, the Japanese language copy takes precedence.

Although this instruction manual has been adapted for use overseas, in order to avoid misinterpretation due to differences in expression, definitions which are translated into a language other than Japanese are not valid.

For the benefit of its customers, SINO SONICS will always apply the most up-to-date information about product warranty provisions.

For the most up-to-date information regarding the warranty, please check the SINO SONICS website.

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