We offer all kind of ultrasonic welding horn:
15kHz & 20kHz & other customized frequency.
Materials: 40CrNimoA & Aluminium alloy & Titaninum Alloy
Standard size are as follow:

All customizable, test us your requirement, we will select the materials & make for you.

Standard Type Horn/Sonotrode

15kHz Welding Horn 20kHz Welding Horn
120x25mm  /120x20mm /120x15mm 110x25mm  /110x20mm /110x15mm
160x55mm  /160x45mm /160x20mm 130x55mm  /130x45mm
200x25mm / 200x20mm 160x55mm  /160x45mm
270x25mm / 270x20mm 170x20mm
200x25mm  /200x20mm
contact our sales for customized type. 270x20mm

Sonotrode Stocks Gallery

Send us your drawing in CAD, we will customize the welding horn /Sonotrode for just you.