Piezo Ceramic Ring Φ55mm

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  • [High Quality] PZT82 Military-Grade Piezo-Ceramic.
  • [High Efficiency] Low Impedance, Excellent Stability.
  • [High Q value] Mechanical Quality Factor (Qm) > 1800.
  • [High Capacitance & Wide Bandwidth] upto 2400 pF, upto 3 kHz Bandwidth.
  • [High Reliable] Excellent Mechanical Strength and Durability.
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Piezoceramic Ring Technical Details

Specification PZT8-55x25x7 PZT8-55x20x8 PZT8-55x26x7 PZT8-55x26x7.8
Materials Type: PZT82 PZT82 PZT82 PZT82
Items No.: 55 x25 x7 55 x20 x8 55 x26 x7 55 x26 x7.8
Outer Diameter (mm) 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm 55 mm
Inner Diameter (mm) 25 mm 20 mm 26 mm 26 mm
Thickness /Height (mm) 7 mm 8 mm 7 mm 7.8 mm
Frequency FS±3% (kHz) 29 kHz 29 kHz 28.6 kHz 28.6 kHz
Bandwidth △F (kHz) 2.7 kHz 2.7 kHz 2.7 kHz 2.7 kHz
Capacitance C±12% (pF) 2380 pF 2340 pF 2390 pF 2160 pF
Impedance Rm (Ω) 10 Ω 10 Ω 10 Ω 10 Ω

* All Piezoceramic Ring’s Dielectric Loss (tgδ (%) <0.3
* All Piezoceramic Coupling Factor (Kt/Kr%) >53
* All Piezoceramic Ring’s Curie Point (TC℃) 320
* All Piezoceramic Ring’s Mechanical Quality Factor (Qm) > 1800

  • For bulk order price please contact our sales.
Piezoceramic Ring Application:

The piezoelectric components are fastened to the metal rod with bolts, which enable the particle displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration of the piezoelectric components to be amplified, and the ultrasonic energy is concentrated on the smaller area, that is, the ultrasonic concentrator. We can provide a variety of ring-shaped components with low resonant impedance, low dielectric loss, good thermal stability, and high-power drive.

Piezo ceramics are used in Bolt-clamped ultrasonic transducer, Ultrasonic Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Vibration generation, Biodiesel mixing transducer, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, and active vibration damping.

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