The Corona-19 epidemic is fierce and has formed a global trend. It is not only the shortage of masks in Hubei Province, but also the shortage of mask resources in the country and the world.

For a while, “cannot buy masks” has become a hot topic. The previous masks are commonplace. There are dispensable things in life, but now masks have become a hot shortage. How can a small mask block the terrible virus? Wearing a mask has become an economical and practical means of prevention and treatment. The demand for mask machine production equipment in the market is growing rapidly,

As a company that originally produced ultrasonic processors, we overcame difficulties, developed and designed the core components of the mask machine production line, ultrasonic welding transducer, and designed and manufactured ultrasonic welding horn. In just three months, we have delivered to mask manufacturers More than 4000 sets of ultrasonic welding kits were created. and we made our own contribution to the prevention and control of COVID-19 in our country.
Only by practicing internal strength can we have enough confidence and ability to deal with various emergencies. This COVID-19 is just a test for us. We believe that we have handed in satisfactory answers.

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