Ultrasonic welding technology is gaining in importance and is an increasingly frequent integral component in modern manufacturing processes that involve the joining of thermoplastics. Many mechanical engineering companies use this technology advantage when processing plastics in customized machines. Robust and reliable ultrasonic components are a requirement for this, which is why so many manufacturers turn to Sino Sonics Ultrasonics.

Our selection of ultrasonic welding machine parts are designed to offer exceptional performance and durability. Linked together on a mechanical basis, the converter, booster, and sonotrode create an ultrasonic stack with a determined acoustic resonance. All of the ultrasonic components we provide receive a 100% quality check: “Made in China”.

Heavy-duty ultrasonic generators for intermittent applications – The digital industial type Generator product line is available in frequencies of 20 kHz, 30 kHz, and 35 kHz at a power range between 900 W and 2600 W. Programmable ramp up and ramp down times and infinitely variable adjustment of weld amplitudes are only some of the features of this product line. The digital industial type Generator is integrated in all SINO SONICS Ultraschall series machines and systems.

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