Technical Details

Electrical Specification Data Result
Transducer Model No.: 28kHz 2000Watt F50-SA-1
Frequency (Fs ± 0.5kHz) 28 kHz
Transducer’s Maximal Diameter:
Maximum Height /Length:
Φ50 mm
86 mm
Flange Size: 52 mm
Piezoceramic Ring Diameter (mm) Φ50 mm
Piezoceramic Ring Quantity (pc) 4 Pcs
Impedance (Ω) Transducer : 5 Ω
Capacitance (C±10%pF) 13300 pF (P8 )
Input Power (Watt) Max Rated Power: 2000Watt
Amplitude (μmp-p) Transducer : 13 μmp-p
Front Mass Metal Aluminum Alloy
Back Mass Metal Aluminum Alloy
Joint Bolt /Gain size Default Type: M12x1.25
Net Weight (gram) 578 gram
Total Height /Length (mm) 86 mm
Available optional accessaries:
Aluminum Booster
Titanium Horn /Sonotrode
Ultrasonic Generator (CE)
Friendly Reminder

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