Indirect Contact Ultrasonic Homogenizer

This is an ultrasonic mixing/emulsifying homogenizing equipment
Designed for laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.
During the whole process, there is no contact with the test sample, no chemical reaction, and no pollution to the experimental project.
4.7″ Touch screen control panel, Digital Type, Touch Screen, Programmable
Energy and temperature set-point control, Automatic tuning.
This device can handle eight experimental projects at a time, or can control one of them individually.

This is Indirect sonication: Can be performed with an ultrasonic bath or a cup horn sonicator. This method does not require a probe that comes into direct contact with the sample; thus lowering the possibility of cross contamination. The ultrasonic energy is transmitted through a bath of water into the sample vessels.

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Non-Contact Type Ultrasonic Homogenizer
Power in 100 ~240 Voltage, 50 ~ 60 Hz, auto adapt.
Power out 800 Watt Maximum ( 1% ~ 100% stepless control)
Frequency 25kHz(standard)
optional: 20kHz, 28kHz, 30kHz, 35kHz, 38kHz, 40kHz, 60kHz, 80kHz
Whole Size 50 x 40 x 25 cm
Door Size 50 x 20 cm      20 Kgs Net weight.
Energy and temperature set-point control
Digital Type, 4.7″ Touch Screen, Programmable
Probe Materials Titaninum Alloy
Probe Size no probe needed, non-contact, vibration transducer underneath the test bottle
Maximum Volume 8 bottles,  30ml/bottle
Packing 1 set Non-Contact Type Homogenizer
1 power in plug & wire, 3 pcs fuse wire
Video Introduction
Airpressure control, to hold the test bottle.

Designed for Laboratory & Medical

non-tough solution, non-pollution

8 bottles, controled separately.

air pressure on the top, to hold the bottle

machine’s overlook

top control panel, menu can be english version

ultrasonic underneath the bottles

airpressure control switch

air compressor

110 ~240v Power in & switch

back side overlook

whole set including air compressor